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Edge computing brings computing resources to where they’re needed most. MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud helps telco operators build their own edge clouds and generate new revenue while giving developers a platform to run their apps on telco edge infrastructure.

MobiledgeX Simplifies 5G Edge for Google Cloud Developers

Google Cloud developers will have new access to 5G telco edge cloud services such as latency reduction and device-based location to drive the next generation of edge computing applications.

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Introducing the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Platform

Run your application with the power of production-grade edge infrastructure already helping applications across XR, gaming, robotics, and other fields to offer the immersive and pervasive experiences they need to be competitive leaders.

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“MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud delivers on its promises, as always. The latest MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud SDK gives us a reliable and stable connection, and is easy to integrate. For the next generation of mobile gaming, and especially Multiplayer Shared AR, this is a winning technology.”
Tom Minich, forwARdgame
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Who is MobiledgeX?

MobiledgeX Inc. is building a marketplace of edge computing resources and services that will connect developers with the world’s largest mobile networks to power the next generation of applications and devices.

We develop edge cloud software to help operators run telco edge cloud on their own infrastructure, and provide device native SDK and matching engines that developers use to bring their cloud-native applications to edge and take advantage of the telco edge cloud.

MobiledgeX is an edge computing company founded by Deutsche Telekom AG and headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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