Creating the edge ecosystem

The edge is here. Demand for edge services is forming a new economic opportunity and distributed mobile infrastructure is already deployed and ready to use.

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The edge is the missing piece in a new value chain that expands the types of devices on mobile networks, secures IoT, makes possible next-generation content (AR/MR) and readies mobile infrastructure to drive the next-generation of applications.

What is the Edge?

The edge is a massively distributed, developer-accessible “cloud” present within existing global and distributed Mobile Networks.

Edge means different things to different people. To some edge is a device, to others edge is on-premise equipment, to others edge is the network location already between the device and cloud.

We believe edge is an algorithm not a location and the largest existence of edge infrastructure available for use today already exists within mobile networks.

Why Edge? Why Now?

The capability of the cloud is always limited by the network connection to the user or device — closer is always better. The cloud started in a centralized form for many good reasons, but with modern architecture and operational automation that centralization is no longer necessary. To build a multi-tenant edge cloud, open to all, required a new business model.

Mobile operators have the resources and know how to operate in federated resource sharing business models (e.g., “roaming”). MobiledgeX is creating a federation of mobile operators to build the edge. Learn more.

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