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Leading the mobile edge movement

We believe the edge is a missing piece in a value chain that connects mobile operators, application developers, cloud providers, and device makers such that everyone wins.

MobiledgeX is a creating a marketplace of edge resources and services that will connect developers with the world's largest mobile networks to power the next generation of applications and devices.

We’re committed to enabling completely new and immersive experiences not possible without edge services like those powering our customers today across Central Europe.

Founded by Deutsche Telekom and based in San Francisco, California, MobiledgeX is led by a team of experienced executives uniquely capable of stewarding the mobile edge movement.

The movement is a function of current and increasing demand for specific edge services requested by the community and the aggregation of global infrastructure to solve for that distributed edge demand.

Join us in the mobile edge movement and help bring the edge to applications and devices powering experiences that improve the way we live, work, and play.

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