About Us

MobiledgeX is a trusted edge computing company founded by Deutsche Telekom AG that offers global orchestration, automation, and monitoring for any workload across different infrastructure and any cloud, public or private. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California.

The MobiledgeX Story

2016–2017The DT Investigation

Deutsche Telekom (DT) staffs an 18-month internal study of the value of the edge to operators and developers. The study resulted in the creation and initial funding of MobiledgeX as an independent company.

2018–2019Architecture and Ecosystem

The core of the team is built and the product architecture defined. Initial operators signed and integrated, and discussions began with developers and device manufacturers. Early developers onboarded to the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud 1.0 platform.


Battle-tested application blueprints in multiple vertical industries are created with partners and brought to market.

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud 2.0, the first version of the platform designed for mission-critical applications, is released.

2021Orchestrator of Orchestrators

Increasing engagements with operators and industry technology partners like WWT, VMware, Google, and NVIDIA. MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud 3.0 is released, giving operators even more choice and control over how they work with hyperscalers.

Awards and Associations

We are building horizontal platform with an ecosystem of partners and we invite you to come join us at the edge!

Jason HoffmanPresident and CEO

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