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Edge from all sides

Perspectives on the power of the edge & why it is changing how we live

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5G Edge Challenge Event Recap

Alex DonnNov 7

Alex Donn recaps the Rogers 5G Edge Challenge in Vancouver.

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Discovering Edge Use Cases

Geoff HollingworthOct 28

Geoff Hollingworth shares how MobiledgeX is discovering and understanding edge use cases

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MobiledgeX and World Wide Technology Expand Partnership to Accelerate Mobile Edge Computing Deployments and Power 5G Profitability

Sunay TripathiOct 21

Sunay Tripathi shares an update on our partnership with WWT

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Real-World Challenges in Hackathon Prove the Power of Edge

Alex DonnOct 18

Alex Donn recaps the first Edge Experience Hackathon in Krakow Poland.

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Exploring the Edge -- Observations from our Hackathon with SKT

Wonho ParkAug 21

Wonho Park recaps our experience at the SKT 5G Hackathon.

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5G Unpacked

Geoff HollingworthAug 17

Telco and Cloud are intrinsically different because of the much broader use of standards in Telco, and how those standards then dictate a long, complex and expensive generational system, with the unfortunate need to sell the future that no one really understands until it emerges.

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SKT and MobiledgeX Discovering the 5G and Edge Computing Future Together

Geoff HollingworthAug 12

This blog posts explains what we are doing with SKT this week, why we are doing it and at the end how other operators interested can do similar in their markets around the world.

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Advancing Developer Engagement

MobiledgeX Jun 20

Launching our first Early Access program and the public launch of our Edge Navigator use case research tool.

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Hacking with Open Source and TIP

Alex DonnApr 23

Alex Donn shares details on what to expect at the Edge Application Developer Hackathon on April 30.

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The Future is Now: AR as a Service

Alex DonnApr 11

1000 realities is a Hub:raum startup developing an “Augmented Reality (AR) as a Service” platform using mobile edge computing.

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TIP Community Lab Launches Cloudlet for Edge Application Developers

Rolf MuraltFeb 25

Edge Application Developer Project Group (EAD) announced availability of edge computing ("cloudlet") infrastructure at the TIP Community Lab in Menlo Park, California.

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Edge Featured in Newest Heavy Reading “5G Network & Service Strategies Operator Survey”

Eric BraunFeb 21

Eric Braun shares insights on the latest findings from the recent Heavy Reading whitepaper, and the value edge can bring to 5G.

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Making Edge a Reality

Jason HoffmanFeb 19

For the first time, 3rd parties are deploying directly to private mobile operator edge infrastructure without any human involvement, dynamically allocating their workloads as close to their mobile users as possible.

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MobiledgeX Releases World’s First Public Mobile Edge

Sunay TripathiFeb 19

We’ve announced the first public mobile edge running in the Deutsche Telekom cellular infrastructure in Germany. Let’s unpack that.

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Solving for Scalability with Edge Infrastructure

Rolf MuraltFeb 15

VREE develops platforms that enable multiple-users to have a synchronized full-body experience in VR. Read how VREE's platform takes advantage of 5G and edge compute to deliver a solid real time experience within these virtual environments.

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VR / AR / XR and You

Rolf MuraltFeb 11

Holo-Light, German startup, focuses on the development of core technologies to enable efficient AR/VR use and leverage MobiledgeX’s edge service to enable new industrial applications.

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Cloudlet Infrastructure Explained

Rolf MuraltFeb 4

Knowing a little about modern infrastructure makes it a lot easier to understand where MobiledgeX fits in and creates value. Let's talk through the components

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Get the Power of the Edge with a Single Line of Code

Rolf MuraltFeb 4

edgemesh is an American startup founded by Jacob Loveless. Six months after opening for general availability, edgemesh operates on more than 3,500 networks globally, providing their dynamic web acceleration platform to websites where milliseconds matter.

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OnEdge #4: Enabling Edge at the Speed of Technology

Geoff HollingworthJan 18

Geoff Hollingworth, Chief Marketing Officer at MobiledgeX, shares why the timing is right for edge and the business opportunities for mobile operators and developers.

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New TIP Edge Application Developer Project Group

Sunay TripathiDec 19

At the TIP Summit, a new working group called “The Edge Application Developer Project Group” was announced. Many questions have come up, so we thought we’d explain why it was created.

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OnEdge #3: Aligning the Industry for Edge

Tomasz GerszbergNov 29

As VP Operator Ecosystem and Support for MobiledgeX, Tomasz Gerszberg discusses how to bring together an ecosystem of operators, cloud providers, and developers for edge computing.

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Use Cases—The Strange Dance of Invention, Innovation and Discovery

Rolf MuraltNov 20

Every successful innovator discovers, sooner or later, the important role that customers play in the process of innovation. I’m not talking about innovation being market driven—most interesting innovation begins with some form of technical invention.

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OnEdge #2: Building an Edge Marketplace

Eric BraunNov 15

Eric Braun, Chief Commercial Officer at MobiledgeX, shares insights on building an edge marketplace and how all the key players must come together.

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How Our Mobile Operator Partners Benefit

Geoff HollingworthNov 14

This new developer-friendly and cloud-agile partnership enables mobile operators to participate in rapidly emerging and evolving opportunities since they can now augment and evolve their own infrastructure and local offerings at cloud-speed.

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OnEdge #1: How Will Edge Work?

Sunay TripathiNov 1

Sunay Tripathi, CTO & EVP Engineering at MobiledgeX, kicks off the podcast with a description of how Edge completes the mobility journey.

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Everyone Gets Paid

Geoff HollingworthOct 23

The future looks very different. It always does. The future requires different solutions. It always does. It is hard to see what these new solutions will look like before they arrive, this is the challenge MobiledgeX has undertaken, to transform how we enable software developers and new device makers to build the experiences of the future.

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Why Deutsche Telekom Created MobiledgeX

Sunay TripathiOct 1

It may seem strange or even counter-intuitive that Deutsche Telekom (DT), a mobile operator with a specific cellular telephony franchise in competitive markets, would create MobiledgeX, a new venture chartered to serve any or all mobile operators (not just DT). Here’s the backstory that explains why.

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Finding the Edge at Scale

Sunay TripathiSep 25

After presenting at Edge Computing Congress in Berlin, Sunay Tripathi shares insights on the high value in being able to execute various services near the edge of the mobile network.

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Edge as an Opportunity

Jason HoffmanSep 16

At Mobile World Congress America, Jason Hoffman presented a high-level explanation of what MobiledgeX is building, and why.