OnEdge Podcast - Ep1: How Will Edge Work?

I’m delighted to announce the availability of a first MobiledgeX podcast in which I’m able to provide some more detail and color about what the engineering team is building and how we’re building it. The name of the podcast is “On The Edge” and this first episode is available from SoundCloud or your favorite podcast aggregator. If you like it please tell others; we hope you will subscribe to it. If you have thoughts about how it could be improved or what you would like to hear next, by all means let us know.  We have a few more in the queue that introduce the other members of the executive team but beyond that we’ll respond to listener feedback.

In the last blog I contributed – Finding the Edge at Scale – I wrote about the challenges of designing a product architecture that could operate at the scale of the global mobile infrastructure. In this podcast I get to talk a little more about how we’re trying to exploit the computational assets our mobile operator partners are providing, and some of the application benefits we envision for developers and service providers building in our EdgeFabric.

Podcasts seem very different from written blogs when you do them. It’s more like chatting to a friend over coffee. We hope that you’ll find them a useful addition to and help you understand what we’re doing and why. You can listen to us when you work out, while you’re commuting, or during a long drive. And some people just absorb and learn better from spoken material. Let us know how it works for you and what we can do even better in the future.