Realtime Karaoke @ the 2019 London Ege Compute Congress Hackathon

October 3rd, 2019

Headshot for Alex Donn

Alex Donn

Director, Developer Evangelist

This year’s Edge Computing Congress (ECC) hackathon was packed with great ideas and teams from all over Europe. The teams pitched ideas that leveraged edge compute and the top three teams overall were Live Band Jam (QC-LABS), Edge-Eye, and 5G Primitives. The MobiledgeX prizes were awarded Live Band Jam ($1000) and 5G Primitives ($500). 

Team 5G Primitives, winners of the $500 MobiledgeX prize, created a drone vision solution that verified inventory in a warehouse. Their solution show a lot of potential for extensibility in the future, with facial recognition being one additional application that came to mind during the event. . Live Band Jam, winner of the MobiledgeX $1000 prize, created a concept that shows off the benefit of being able to jam with your friends virtually. Taking this concept to the next level, imagine this app enabling a karaoke scenario where even *you* can be a rock star for a night!

Finally, here is a complete list of hackathon entries: 

Team Smalios -- Luca and Federico - Process video of traffic to better understand individual driving habits

Team Edge Eye -- 2nd Place -- Felipe, David, Javier, and Jose -- Dynamically customizable production automation. In the old days, humans made the product. Today, robots produce the product but they are hardwired to a specific task. Tomorrow, the vision is to enable the shop floor robots to be fully autonomous and self sufficient on the shop floor. This is looking to take factory automation to the next level by enabling the robots to be self sufficient, where the entire shop floor can be dynamically configured and self retooling.

Team Drone Mover (5G Primitives) -- 3rd Place && MobiledgeX 2nd Place $500 Award -- Felipe and Ignacio - compute off load demo focused on compute vision and QR code image recognition for limited compute drone.

Team Live Band Jam (QC Labs) -- 1st Place && MobiledgeX 1st Place $1000 Award -- Mateusz, Patryk and Mateusz - Real time virtual jazz band jams. Requires network latency of under 40ms to achieve quality necessary for artists.

Team Cloud Constable - Michael, Emre, and Helio -- Digital concierge that does facial check in for conferences. Also has speech recognition for a siri like digital host / concierge.