MobiledgeX and World Wide Technology Expand Partnership to Accelerate Mobile Edge Computing Deployments and Power 5G Profitability

October 21st, 2019

Headshot for Sunay Tripathi

Sunay Tripathi

Chief Technology Officer & EVP of Engineering & Product

A Market Update 

At MWC Barcelona 2019 we announced our strategic partnership with World Wide Technology(WWT) with the promise to industrialize the telco and enterprise supply chain for edge computing.  We and WWT are happy to announce at MWC LA 2019 that MobiledgeX certified edge computing configurations and are in active testing and certification within the WWT Advanced Technology Center (ATC).  Progress is on display with a live demonstration at the VMWare booth South Hall, Stand 1714. 

We are excited about our offerings with WWT and the need for pre-certified edge computing reference designs to quickly enable and scale the supply of edge resources using telecom infrastructure and providing tested enterprise solutions with the industrialized supply chain, operations, and economic model this emerging market demands.

New Immersive Experiences

The next decade will bring ubiquitous XR experiences, the rise of autonomous vehicles, robotics, and data-crunching IoT deployments. These new applications are very often mobile, battery-powered, and have stringent performance requirements. The challenge is that they often require extensive image processing designed to run on power-hungry computational accelerators not suited to either portability or battery power.  The arrival of 5G, which has latencies much lower than Wi-Fi and Gigabit bandwidth, allows the offload of processing onto supporting edge nodes that creates the possibility for devices to be more powerful and useful while prolonging battery life.

These solutions need assured telco grade computing infrastructure that confirms identity and location as geographically close to applications, either on-premise or very near in an operator network or both. This infrastructure in turn clearly needs an IAAS layer that supports virtualization and introduces cloud business models. But if you look at the IAAS needs from a device or user perspective, virtualization is actually just 25% of the solution. The bigger challenge, to achieve a good user experience, can only be achieved with orchestration and application life-cycle management.

These newly created cutting-edge applications often incorporate image processing, A.I., Machine Learning, Robotics, and have complex needs in terms of specialized computation (GPUs, CPUs), secure connectivity, and require dynamic scaling that requires use of application containers and on-demand, policy-driven load balancing policies.

A Highly Efficient Privacy-Aware Operating Model

To minimize any new requirements from skilled IT staff, the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud implements a Distributed Control Plane that automates the application deployment in a policy-driven manner; a Distributed Matching Engine that matches the users and devices to appropriate application backend use and specifies the computing resource requirements; and a Cloudlet Resource Manager that implements a PAAS layer that, after matching, finds the right hardware resources given the application requirement in each local distributed site. The overall solution is shown in Figure 1.

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud

Figure 1

The Edge Controller is privacy-aware and can be localized per country or per operator, assuring that mission-critical or sensitive application data stays on-premise or within the operator network, following the country or region-specific privacy laws. Users can access the latest third party applications at an edge location that is controlled by the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Control Plane and Matching Engines, providing the ability to meet data privacy compliance. Developers can still build a containerized application using the public cloud (just like before), and then onboard their existing applications with MobiledgeX in one central controller, eliminating the administrative and technical burdens of deploying and managing their application at thousands of locations. MobiledgeX offers application deployment automatically based on matching operator capabilities and capacity with developer-supplied declarative policies.


This brings us to the biggest opportunity in telecom, the ability to maintain supplier choice while driving supply chain to be as efficient as possible.   With VMware we and WWT are demonstrating our latest progress resulting from the process of integrating the disparate supply chain into one reference design.  When the current testing in the ATC is completed it will be possible to directly order the full-stack solution as a single, repeatable, validated reference design for edge computing.  To minimize the costs and assure high system integrity, WWT will offer tested standard integration options that can be witnessed in their labs and provide blueprints for the entire stack including the specialized H/W, IAAS layer (Openstack or VMware) and MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud components.   This work the infrastructure community has done enables an entire stack edge enabled configuration that can be delivered to an enterprise or operator, using the MobiledgeX control plane that makes deployment effortless and scalable.  simply effort and be ready for immediate use. WWT will also make these configurations available in their ATC for customers to dynamically test their applications in a live environment eliminating the need to do a proof of concept on-site, which is often time-consuming and expensive.

We are looking forward to an edge computing market where customers have a choice of suppliers, can receive pre-validated solutions and can trust the efficiencies and scale of an industrialized supply chain.  Let’s stop building each car in the showroom and rather deliver the working vehicle directly to the customer.