Discovering Edge Use Cases

October 28th, 2019

Headshot for Geoff Hollingworth

Geoff Hollingworth

Chief Marketing Officer

We at MobiledgeX have been given one mission by our owners - mobile network operators (MNOs).

Find and bring us real edge use cases so we can make more money and rollout 5G faster.

We are highly focused on helping the ecosystem to best understand the edge computing and 5G landscape for real. We must collectively be very disciplined and realistic in how we approach this. For example, edge computing is not a new thing and at the highest level there are 4 general sites that represent different ownership, different governance, different access, and economic characteristics.

Four edges that exist today

Each site has benefits and challenges that application owners should consider when assessing the best place to run compute resources.

Each Edge - Benefits and Challenges

As part of our approach, we want to help lead MNOs in the direction of innovation, and this means equipping us all with the knowledge and awareness of the edge market, as well as the untapped opportunities that will enable 5G profitability. To do so, we are broadening our perceptions of edge use cases by meeting with players across the ecosystem with hopes to present a balanced framework on the vital business drivers and revenue potential that 5G and edge will bring.

We have already openly released our research, and we are actively working with many operators and application developers. Our conversations with industry players, from end customers to device makers to application developers to operating partners to technology partners, are being packaged up in a new initiative we have called Seamster.

Discovering edge use cases cannot and should not be done in a vacuum; therefore, our mission to find them is an ongoing journey. If you are interested in learning more and understand how you can start to participate, please reach out and we can find a time to connect.