5G Edge Challenge Event Recap

November 7th, 2019

Headshot for Alex Donn

Alex Donn

Director, Developer Evangelist

Student hackathons bring an element of creativity above normal hackathons because the participants are encouraged to explore, play, and question everything in a manner that promotes constant learning. MobiledgeX, Rogers, University of British Columbia (UBC), Ericsson, Inseego, and IEEE Vancouver worked to bring the first 5G edge compute network to UBC for the Rogers 5G Edge Challenge that ran parallel to the Rogers UBS campus wide 5G readiness/deployment. This challenge had UBC students working with the first 5G network and edge compute network to be deployed on campus. 

Like talented fire breathing artists, these developer teams weaved stories of immersive and pervasive applications that are yet to be commercially released but are possible today! The top application, a machine learning interactive game, was created by a team that sees the future of gaming becoming interactive and possible through all sorts of connected devices. So Team GuitarHero created a proof of concept for gesture based Guitar Hero based off of the game titles Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Now any connected device with a camera and edge compute can play a Guitar Hero like game!

Second place went to Team Brad, a virtual group therapy app that has users maneuver their appendages into specific poses which are then asses by a computer vision library called OpenPose. Again, the machine vision library was off-loaded to edge compute to enable wider usage across lower end devices. And third place went to Team Shoplifting, who created a facial tracking system to deter known shoplifters.  

There was also a special prize awarded to Maja Evans, whom the judges recognized as someone that took initiative, drove decisions, and positively lead the team towards success while honestly and clearly communicating the current state of the project. We hope that Maya serves as a model for other students. 

We will also push out a complete list of teams and video shortly, but in the meantime, please find pictures here. Big thank you to everyone who supported the event and put in the extra hours to make the event a success, especially to the Rogers team. To the students, we hope the learning was valuable and please message via slack if you have programming questions or would like help landing jobs / social connections. And I would like to close out with a dad joke, but it’ll only work if you git it. 😂