2019 MobiledgeX Developer Engagement Recap

December 31st, 2019

Headshot for Alex Donn

Alex Donn

Director, Developer Evangelist

Once again we are at the end of the year and quite a year it has been for MobiledgeX. All told for the year, we’ve announced announced 30 category-defining developer applications and partnerships with 13 top-tier operators across Europe, North America and Asia as part of its global edge network powering use case trials. We are highly focused on helping the ecosystem to best understand edge computing and 5G landscape through two disciplined two focused program: Early Access Program (EAP) and Seamster.io. We’ve also delivered on a number of major industry conferences, consortiums and developer events with the expectation that developer activity will continue to increase as we sign on more carriers and customers.

We’ll get back to these two programs in a bit, but looking back over the year, we kicked off with an amazing MWC 2019 where MobiledgeX hosted two significant demos: The first massive multiplayer game augmented reality game called Project Neon with Niantic within the DT booth and the 1000 Realities demo showcasing real-time object interactivity via augmented reality within the SK Telecom booth. We also turned up at conferences to show off the capabilities of edge computing: TIP Summit Amsterdam (Telecom Infrastructure Project) and Bright Day Amsterdam Conference with Upside Lab (Twitter link here), MWC - Los Angeles and VMWorld with forwARdgame and their AR AirHockey game (Twitter link here)

We also participated in a number of hackathons: TIP EAD in Silicon Valley in April (co-hosted with Facebook in Menlo Park), SKT Hackathon in August (co-hosted by SK Telecom in Korea), Edge Compute Congress hackathon in September (co-hosted with Intel, VIAVI, MobiledgeX, Informa Tech, Huawei, Saguna, Telefonica in London), and Hubraum CloudXR Hackathon. We then hosted our first hackathon in Krakow with support from T-Mobile Polska, hub:raum, Samsung, forwARdame, Vuzix, Smart Mobile Labs, and 1000 Realities and featured industry shapers for judges: Alex Choi (DT), Adam Sagolewski (Nokia), Milan Lalovic (BT), and our very own Sunay Tripathi (MobiledgeX) (videos can be found here). Finally, we capped off the year with an LFedge Hackathon in San Diego and the first joint carrier edge compute hackathons with Rogers up in Vancouver, BC.

Coming back to our two major programs Early Access Program (EAP) and Seamster.io, these two programs were designed for both sides of the coin: technical and business minded. The Early Access Program was designed to provide companies with solid use cases early access to our tech and has been ramping up nicely with Upside Lab as a great example of how to go from hackathon app/developer to a showcase use case / demo with major corporations like Deutsche Telekom and into the EAP program with other elite edge compute use cases. And, of course, Seamster.io is where the curated discussion on edge compute use cases happens. The site intends to help participants collectively understand the specifics of why applications need edge and the business drivers of that decision. Moving into next year, we expect that participation in both the Early Access Program and Seamster to pick up as we add more carriers and engage with more developers.

From our family to yours, we wish you a warm and very merry holidays.