How MobiledgeX Helps Operators (and Developers) Get the Most Out of the Telco Network Edge

September 23rd, 2020

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Jeff James

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Using the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform, telco operators can utilize their own telco network edge infrastructure to create — and monetize — their own edge clouds. These edge clouds can then be leveraged by developers to run their applications on telco edge infrastructure. MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud aggregates and commoditizes underlying infrastructure, and provides a uniform way to automate and optimize those edge resources.

Let’s go over some of the specific ways that the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform can specifically help telco operators and application developers

How MobiledgeX Helps Telco Operators

  1. Choice

    MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud helps telco operators turn their existing telco edge infrastructure into federated edge clouds that they control. This gives operators freedom of choice: They can choose to harness and monetize their own edge cloud resources; they can embrace a mix of their own edge cloud resources and support for hyperscalers; or they can choose to work mainly with hyperscalers. MobileX Edge-Cloud lets operators choose their own destiny and decide how to utilize their edge cloud resources. That freedom of choice includes support for multiple virtualized infrastructure platforms, including VMware, OpenStack, and RedHat.

  2. Control

    By leveraging MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud, operators control how their edge computing infrastructure will be used. Using the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud console, operators have visibility into what assets are available, what apps are running, and the traffic running on those apps.  We help operators optimize their existing edge infrastructure by creating usable, federated edge cloud resources that they can control and manage as they see fit. Cloudlet operators get access to valuable applications wanting to leverage specific locations, assets, and capabilities, while edge cloud providers get access to aggregated, compatible, trusted edge distribution opportunities rather than integration with multiple incompatible providers.

  3. Monetization

    Most operators have a variety of telco network edge infrastructure at their disposal, usually located in regional data centers or in virtualized (5G) base stations. With the help of MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud, operators can aggregate those unused resources and make them available for use by mobile application developers, location-based experience providers, and others, potentially creating a new source of revenue while putting unused IT resources to use. 

    This allows operators to monetize their existing edge infrastructure by opening new revenue streams from services that benefit from the edge. Thanks to MobiledgeX, operators can position themselves as part of the edge computing application value chain and not restrict themselves to being simple providers of the plumbing for hyperscalers (and others) to profit from. 

  4. Trust and Security

    The MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud has been in development since 2018, and has been developed with trust and security from the outset. Using local edge resources helps maintain legal and regulatory compliance, while our federated control and data architecture enables one marketplace isolated from proprietary control and lock-in from any entity building on long-standing telecom learning and practices.  

    We give operators (and app developers) the ability to have regional control of data, and to leverage network-based location information not dependent on the location of the device itself. We provide operator network-based verification and assurance of user identity and location.

How MobiledgeX Helps App Developers

  1. Access to Global Operator Network Edge Resources

    MobiledgeX Inc. helps application developers get easy access to operator edge cloud resources. Our MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform federates and aggregates operator edge cloud infrastructure around the world so developers can focus on taking advantage of these compute resources using one common interface. 

    MobiledgeX helps developers get access to virtualized infrastructure at telecom operators, which is then aggregated locally and globally with other operator environments using MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud, all while giving developers the freedom to also use hyperscaler resources. 

    We also provide a device-native software development kit (SDK) and a distributed matching engine that developers can use to bring their cloud-native applications to the edge and take advantage of the telco edge cloud.

  2. Deploy Once, Distribute Everywhere

    We give developers a platform to run their applications on telco edge cloud infrastructure, and remove the complexity and headache of needing to deploy multiple applications by operator and by region. Deploy one application that can then be run on infrastructure from the same operator, on different operators, or all over the world. Without MobiledgeX, app developers  seeking to take advantage of operator network edge resources will need to deploy unique apps for each localized cloud.

    Without the overriding orchestration layer that MobiledgeX provides, developers have to pull together edge resources on their own, which presents both technical challenges and also extra time and expense to work with operator infrastructure on an individual, ad hoc basis.

  3. Security, Compliance, and Privacy

    We’ve developed MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud from the ground-up with security in mind . We have built-in features (policies) to help workloads be secure and compliant with regional and global privacy and data management standards. Using privacy policies, developers can control and block outside connections to their application, and to help scale applications, the MobiledgeX platform can spool up new instances close to the end user, which keeps latency at a minimum (and maximizes performance) while helping keep you in compliance with local data protection laws.