MobiledgeX Helps Startups Utilize the Telco Edge Cloud

October 22nd, 2020

Headshot for Vasanth Mohan

Vasanth Mohan

Developer Adovcate

At the start of May 2020, hub:raum and Quake Capital kickstarted the 5G Consumer Entertainment Program, which brought together 7 unique startups for a 10 week accelerator program to build products that harness the speeds of 5G and edge computing. In order to make edge computing practical, MobiledgeX partnered with each of the startups in the program in order to provide early access to our platform and enable each startup to deploy their backend services on our telco edge cloud.

On October 8th, as a capstone for the program, each startup presented a demo of the product they had developed over the course of the program. Below is a summary of a couple of the demos that benefited tremendously from using edge computing on the MobiledgeX platform.


Proxy42 Inc is the startup behind the extremely successful game, Father.IO, which is a local real time AR first person shooter. For the 5G program, the team was focused on building out their upcoming title Soccer League Live, which is a location based mobile game where players can see each other’s video feeds in real time applied with Augmented Reality filters while playing a 4v4 soccer match. Gamers can collect soccer players that are affiliated with clubs that are in close proximity and the Proxy42 team has already established partnerships with clubs like F.C. Coln.

By utilizing edge computing on MobiledgeX, Soccer League Live was capable of providing a low latency experience for:

  • Real Time High Definition Video Streaming between Players

  • Real Time Augmented Reality Filters of Video Streams for multiple players concurrently

  • Simultaneous live broadcasting to multiple social media platform like Facebook, Twitch and Youtube

And by offloading each of these tasks to the edge, players even on lower end devices can achieve a similar quality experience while minimizing the performance impact on their mobile device. Moving into the future, the team will be continuing to work with Deutsche Telekom and MobiledgeX to realize 5G and edge computing-powered XR Cloud Gaming.


tagSpace provides a platform designed to make it easy to turn live events and real world places into immersive AR experiences. Although the pandemic has put a pause on live events for the short-term, tagSpace is working with Deutsche Telekom to incorporate AR into their app to power city experiences around Germany as tourist attractions. To create an experience, brands simply need to use the tagSpace web interface to drag and drop pins (text, images, 3D models, etc.) onto a map and then tagSpace automatically uses that data with Computer Vision to generate an AR experience for the end users relative to their location.

With 5G and edge computing on MobiledgeX, Tagspace has been able to add new features by:

  • Leveraging higher bandwidth to show a denser amount of content to each user 

  • Utilizing lower latency to provide real time live streaming content that users can interact with 

  • Offloading Computer Vision tasks to the edge to increase immersion with features like Geometry Occlusion

MobiledgeX is proud to have partnered with hub:raum and Quake to support these unique startups from various industries, all of whom have benefited from the advancements of edge computing with MobiledgeX. If you are a startup that has a use case that could benefit from edge computing, please sign up on our MobiledgeX Developer Portal to apply for early access and get started building on the Telco Edge.