MobiledgeX Simplifies 5G Edge for Google Cloud Developers

December 8th, 2020

Headshot for Jason Hoffman

Jason Hoffman

President and Chief Executive Officer

Google Cloud developers will have new access to 5G telco edge cloud services such as latency reduction and device-based location to drive the next generation of edge computing applications.

Earlier this year, Google unveiled its Global Mobile Edge Cloud strategy detailing how they collaborate with telecom operators to provide Google Cloud services at the telco network edge. Today, we are pleased to announce that MobiledgeX is partnering with Google Cloud to provide automation and orchestration services to simplify deployment of 5G telco edge cloud services. Google Cloud developers will be able use new tools such as device-based location and latency reduction for their edge applications to deploy once and distribute their edge applications anywhere.

“With 5G and cloud connectivity at the edge, businesses have an opportunity to create new experiences for consumers in areas such as gaming, retail, and many more, MobiledgeX simplifies edge cloud deployment and makes it easy for any developer to deploy and run edge computing applications with 5G edge cloud services, and we’re excited that they will bring these services to developers on Google Cloud.”

— Tanuj Raja, Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud.

Here at MobiledgeX, we offer a global edge cloud system across mobile operators to transform, manage and monetize edge network infrastructure. We look forward to working with Google Cloud to simplify deployment, management and analytics for developers and enterprises that rely on trusted in-network services such as location, latency, privacy compliance and data residency. 

MobiledgeX Offers Choice, Control and Trust for Telco Edge Cloud

Accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, rapid digitization trends are changing the way we work, eat, travel, and play. Today, mobile operators are transforming network infrastructure to run more workloads at the network edge. The MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform stands on the principles of Choice, Control and Trust that enable mobile operators to be part of this new digital economy value chain.

  • Choice: The MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud open platform architecture offers mobile operators running their own edge clouds a choice to buy optimal hardware and software that fits customers, business, and operational needs. This choice now extends across Google Cloud and the telco edge cloud, with MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud seamlessly working with the Google Anthos stack underneath our global control plane.

  • Control: Edge cloud workloads running on critical infrastructure demand strict regulations honoring net neutrality and privacy for all. The MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Platform offers operators a management pane which automates authorization, distribution, and operation of latency and privacy sensitive workloads.

  • Trust: We give mobile operators (and app developers) the ability to have regional control of data, and to leverage network-based location information not dependent on the location of the device itself. We provide operator network-based verification and assurance of user identity and location.

MobiledgeX is proud to collaborate with the Google Cloud team to bring 5G telco edge cloud services to Google Cloud. We work every day to make it easier for mobile operators to reach new developers to take full advantage of what 5G edge networks have to offer. Never before could developers click a few buttons and have global access to the world’s leading mobile operators. We look forward to collaborating with the Google Cloud developer community to see how we can drive edge innovation to the next level.

For more about how MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud can help applications benefit from edge computing, contact our developer advocacy team. For general questions about MobiledgeX, please visit our contact page.