How MobiledgeX Helps Telecom Operators Manage Private and Trusted Cloudlets for their Enterprise Customers

May 4th, 2021

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Wonho Park

Chief Product Officer & SVP Product Development

In my previous blog posts (How MobiledgeX Helped Slavic Monsters During the First GSMA TEC Trial and How MobiledgeX is Building a Marketplace for Edge) we discussed how MobiledgeX is helping developers deploy services onto telco edge clouds. We also discussed how MobiledgeX crafted a platform that removes the difficulties we often find when telecom operators host infrastructures that create marketplaces shared between operators and developers. 

Now let’s discuss additional opportunities provided by the MobiledgeX’s Edge-Cloud platform for telecom operators. MobiledgeX provides a flexible architecture that offers telecom operators the opportunity to transform their edge cloudlets into private edge cloudlets. This opportunity lets telecom operators offer managed services to their enterprise customers with dedicated cloud resources for their use.

While operators can use the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform as a matchmaker to connect their edge computing infrastructure, called cloudlets, to any developers who would like to consume these edge computing resources (let’s call that the public edge), there are instances where telecom operators can directly offer their valuable edge computing assets bundled with edge applications explicitly to end customers. With this opportunity, telecom operators are paid premium rates for these assets that they operate and manage (called the private edge). 

This blog post discusses how telecom operators can capitalize on the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform to offer private edge solutions to their end customers. 

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud: Public and Private Cloudlets

Figure 1: The MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform.

Our platform, by default, assumes that the cloudlet is public, meaning that it is visible and usable by anyone who has a MobiledgeX account. Changing the public cloudlet into a private edge cloudlet can be done effortlessly using the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform's cloudlet pool feature (see figure 3).

Cloudlet pools are collections of cloudlets that are defined on a per-region basis. Operators may set up a pool membership where only users within the designated organizations and who are part of the cloudlet pool may access the cloudlets defined for that particular pool. 

Figure 2 shows a cloudlet that has been onboarded using the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform. (Click here for more details on using our platform to host telco edge Infrastructure.)

Figure 2: An onboarded cloudlet as seen in the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud console.

Once the cloudlets are configured to be part of a cloudlet pool, they are now considered private cloudlets, which are not visible and not accessible unless they are invited to be added to the cloudlet pool. Figure 4 illustrates an example of how the owner of the cloudlet pool is sending an invitation to a developer organization to join the pool.

Figure 3: Creating a cloudlet pool using the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud console.
Figure 4: Inviting someone to join a cloudlet pool using the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud console.

Once the developer accepts the invitation, the developer now has access to cloud resources dedicated for their use, as seen in  Figure 5. 

Figure 5: A screengrab showing dedicated cloud resources being made available for developer use.

With the cloudlet pool feature telecom operators can segment their edge infrastructure into private (enterprise) cloudlets and public cloudlets by setting up a cloudlet pool with a trust policy for their customers looking to experience low-latency, mission-critical applications. Cloudlet pools with trust policies provide a more stringent security level within the designated environments while providing greater control over data governance and data locality.  

Developers can now use the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform to host, manage, and monitor applications on the telecom operator's private edge cloudlet. Information on how to use the platform to deploy an application can be found here.  Figure 6 shows a sample MobiledgeX application that has been deployed. 

Figure 6: A sample MobiledgeX being deployed.

Finally, to offer managed edge services to end customers, the platform must provide access to the telecom operator, allowing the collection of metrics used to detect performance anomalies and institute measures that increase operational efficiencies. (A list of insights offered by the platform can be found here.) Figure 7 shows the health monitoring page that gives the health status of deployed applications that are part of the cloudlet pool resourced by the telecom operator. Status is conveniently displayed through a single pane of glass.

Figure 7: The MobiledgeX Edge-Console cloudlet health monitoring page.

In conclusion, using the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform provides telecom operators visibility into available assets, helps them determine what  apps are running, and lets them view the traffic running on those apps. By creating an agile platform that allows operators to easily offer private edge services, we help operators generate new revenue streams while offering new services and edge experiences to their customers.