How MobiledgeX Helps Leading Telecom Operators Embrace a Cloud-Native Edge Network Strategy

May 19th, 2021

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Ulf Andersson

Chief Revenue Officer

Over the last 15 months, during a very challenging time period for us all, we directed our focus to launching complete end-to-end use cases with our customers and partners with the goal to both prove our technology in the field as well as showcase actual business cases. We worked with individual operators and operator alliance groups as well as some very innovative operators in the GSMA Telecom Edge Cloud (TEC) working group and Operator Platform Group (OPG). Some of the results of the last 15 months of work are starting to become public now and I’m excited to share them here. As more are released, I’ll update this post.

Working with Multiple Operators to Enable the Telecom Edge Cloud

Part of our ongoing mission has been to help innovative telecom operators make their edge cloud initiatives a reality with a series of public and exciting service trials that utilize our MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform. GSMA working groups such as TEC and OPG serve as telecom industry programs to enable a common approach and framework for telecom edge operation across the global operator community. Under that umbrella we are working with telecom operators to extend edge computing services and capabilities across national boundaries and across multiple operator networks. There are currently 20+ telecom operators who are part of TEC and interest continues to grow. Having a commercial strategy for edge is not an option, but a necessity for any telecom operator wanting to control their own destiny.

A central idea behind our approach is that we give telecom operators more choice, control, and trust over how they utilize public cloud providers. We have also been working to enable operators to use public cloud offerings as they would use any of their private clouds from any of their other vendors, where it makes business sense, or it is a business necessity, to do so.  We can help operators create their own edge clouds, or we also allow them to work closely with existing public cloud solutions, exemplified by our recent work with orchestrating edge computing workloads on Google Cloud’s Anthos.

Today we see a wide range of workload types, ranging from network provider internal workloads to traditional heavy traffic workloads, and others like media distribution use cases, and new real-time enterprise use cases for the emerging Industry 4.0.  

Needless to say, we are very excited to see some of the first results from the GSMA TEC and OPG services trials as they become public, demonstrating our work with leading telecom operators such as Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, and British Telecom. While some of the projects in particular are now ready for public disclosure, more are in the works, and we look forward to bringing additional cases to commercial service.

I’ll briefly discuss some of the end-to-end use cases we’ve been working on and how telecom operators are using the telco edge cloud to add direct value. 

Project: AR Gaming Using the Telco Edge Cloud

Telecom operators: Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom

Technology partner: Samsung

Application developer: Slavic Monsters

Vertical: AR / VR / XR Gaming

In this telco edge cloud gaming trial, MobiledgeX worked with Samsung, Slavic Monsters, and telecom operator partners Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom to demonstrate the benefits of the telco edge cloud while playing a specialized edge version of Slavic Monsters. This version is an AR/VR geolocation multiplayer mobile game where players can build, plunder, and exchange monsters. Most importantly, players battle various monsters in real-time through an advanced, player versus player system. This experience was a first to demonstrate:

  • Mobile network MEC

  • True AR/VR Game Immersion

  • Commercial 5G, Edge Native Devices

  • Genuine Experience: Multiplayer, multi-location, and multi-operator

Here are some additional links with more information on this project: 

Project: Edge-Enabled Autonomous Search and Rescue Using Drones

Telecom operator: British Telecom / Telefonica

Technology partner: Unmanned Life 

Application developer: Unmanned Life

Vertical: Surveillance / Security / Smart Cities

As part of the GSMA Telco Edge Cloud (TEC) pre-commercial 2021 trials, MobiledgeX joined forces with British Telecom, Telefonica, and Unmanned Life to demonstrate the advantages that the telco edge cloud can bring to an edge-enabled autonomous drone-based emergency response use cases for urban public safety, port security, and specialized surveillance. 
Here are some additional links with more information on this project: 

We’re Just Getting Started: More Real-World Edge Computing Business Use Cases to Follow

With a healthy pipeline of cases to come, the GSMA TEC continues to align multi-access edge computing (MEC) business models, charging principles and commercial deployment considerations so that customers can access the service through a single, standard interface. In conjunction with their efforts we will continue to work with operators globally on public and private commercial use cases across a variety of vertical industries.  

In addition to these GSMA TEC activities mainly based in Europe, we’ve had activity in all other regions as well, some of which are public, for example in Japan with Softbank for the Niantic Planet-Scale AR Alliance and with NTT Docomo at their 5G Open House

These projects are just the tip of the iceberg of our ongoing activities. Look for more on these projects and other exciting new developments as they become public and we can discuss them.

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