Nvidia GTC 2021 Recap : How Operators can work with AI Use Cases using MobiledgeX and Nvidia

May 24th, 2021

Headshot for Vasanth Mohan

Vasanth Mohan

Developer Adovcate

Nvidia GTC 2021 was chock full of many amazing announcements this year, with one of the core focuses being on AI use cases leveraging 5G and edge computing. Hundreds of these applications are available today for production deployments as part of the Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC) catalog and various programs such as  Nvidia Metropolis.

As mentioned in our lead up blog to GTC, edge computing is vital for these applications to scale in production due to the high bandwidth of data that is generated by IOT devices, specifically video cameras. By leveraging the edge for bandwidth thinning, applications can save on network costs and send a smaller footprint of AI Inference data to the cloud or another device for application logic, such as for monitoring or alerts. 

If you missed it, our full presentation is now live at Nvidia On Demand. Click on the link below and sign in with your Nvidia account to watch and learn about how MobiledgeX and Nvidia are collaborating on AI use cases for 5G. 

For telecom operators who may be interested in working on commercial pilots and use cases in Nvidia Metropolis, please Contact Us or reach out to our sales team. 

For developers, keep in touch on our Discord server and check out the Computer Vision service and REST APIs leveraging Nvidia Triton, an open source project available today at the Nvidia NGC.