Test-Drive the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Platform with EdgeBox

June 4th, 2021

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Wonho Park

Chief Product Officer & SVP Product Development

For telecom operators, experiencing the power of the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform with edge computing has never been easier. MobiledgeX understands the mountain of challenges that telecom operators face within their organization when deciding on the best solution from companies offering their edge computing services. With our MobiledgeX EdgeBox demo program, operators can “test drive” our platform instantly and be introduced to powerful features without needing anything more than a laptop and internet access.

Getting Started with MobiledgeX EdgeBox

Figure 1: MobiledgeX EdgeBox gives IT infrastructure staff at telecom operators a quick way to test-drive the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform.

Trying out MobiledgeX EdgeBox requires just three lines to get you up and running on the edge. 

  1. pip3 install edgebox 

  2. docker login -u <username> docker.mobiledgex.net

  3. edgebox create <test-edge>

All you need is a MacOS or Linux desktop or laptop with Python 3 already installed, that’s it! (Please see our MobiledgeX EdgeBox Getting Started page for more detailed installation instructions.)

Use MobiledgeX EdgeBox to onboard cloudlets, run and deploy edge applications, and test locally without impacting your existing network infrastructure. Below shows a screenshot of a cloudlet successfully being onboarded. The cloudlet will be visible from the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud console, and you can now deploy and run edge applications using your EdgeBox.

Figure 2: Successfully onboarding a cloudlet using MobiledgeX EdgeBox.
Figure 3: Using the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud operator console you can view, monitor, and manage EdgeBox cloudlets.

 With MobiledgeX EdgeBox, you can:

  • Onboard a cloudlet

  • Experience the power of edge computing

  • Quickly spin up edge sites 

  • Perform things like functional testing of your edge applications through our easy-to-use MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud console.

  • Manage and monitor cloudlets and applications

MobiledgeX offers a superior platform with powerful tools that provide exceptional performance while providing more opportunities for telecom operators to monetize their services.

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