Developer Spotlight: Krasi Nikolov from QuarkXR

September 29th, 2021

Headshot for Jeff James

Jeff James

Director of Content Marketing

One of the most rewarding things about working at MobiledgeX is the opportunity for us to engage with some of the most creative application and solution developers in the world. One of the developers we’ve been working with closely for more than a year is QuarkXR, a Bulgaria-based VR developer that has developed QuarkXR, an eponymously-named software solution for developing Cloud XR applications.

Developed by QuarkXR

To shed some additional light on the great development work that some of our partners like QuarkXR are doing, we’re kicking off a new video developer spotlight series where we’ll regularly shine the spotlight on some of our developer partners. Most entries in the series will take the form of an introductory blog post (like the one you’re reading now) and a brief video interview with the highlighted developer.

In this first entry in the series, MobiledgeX Developer Advocate Vasanth Mohan sits down with Krasi Nikolov, the CEO of QuarkXR, to find out how QuarkXR is using 5G and the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform for CloudXR application development. 

After you’ve watched Vasanth’s interview with Krasi, you can check out our QuarkXR use case page, visit the QuarkXR website, or reach out to our developer relations team to learn how MobiledgeX can help you optimize your applications for the edge. You can also follow Vasanth (@FusedVR) and QuarkXR (@QuarkXR) on Twitter.