Developer Spotlight : How Unmanned Life Breaks Glass Ceilings for Autonomous Vehicles

November 9th, 2021

Headshot for Vasanth Mohan

Vasanth Mohan

Developer Advocate

Welcome back to the Developer Spotlight series at MobiledgeX, where we are taking a closer look at the range of Developers that are working to build next-generation edge applications. This week in our next installment of the Developer Spotlight we are talking with Unmanned Life, a London-based company that has developed a suite of Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle control & management applications

In the first part of our conversation, MobiledgeX Developer Advocate Vasanth Mohan sits down with Kim Clement, the CTO of Unmanned Life, to find out how they are using 5G and the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform for autonomous vehicle or development around the world. From use cases such as Industry 4.0 to Emergency Response, Unmanned Life is able to utilize the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform and Console to deploy their containers and workloads as and when they need it.

In the second part of our conversation, we dive a little more in depth into how Unmanned Life is working with Operators on various trials to build out Edge Native Services and validate that these solutions work with GSMA. For example, in their latest trial with Telefonica and British Telecom, they highlight how they are able to deploy their emergency response use case across both operators.

After you’ve watched Vasanth’s interview with Kim, you can check out our Unmanned Life use case page, visit the Unmanned Life website, or reach out to our developer relations team to learn how MobiledgeX can help you optimize your applications for the edge. You can also follow Vasanth (@FusedVR) and Unmanned Life on: