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Run your application with the power of production-grade edge infrastructure already helping applications across XR, gaming, robotics, and other fields to offer the immersive and pervasive experiences they need to be competitive leaders.

Edge is no longer a theory, it’s a reality. Get access to edge infrastructure to ensure your application can provide the experiences of tomorrow, today. This 6-month program will jump start your application for the edge.

Benefits Include:

  • Free access to edge infrastructure located across Central Europe*
  • Consultation and support from edge infrastructure experts
  • Ability to build or modify your application to be edge ready by conducting live tests
  • Promotional opportunities for your application through online & social channels
  • Chance to win Innovator of the Year Award including free booth space at Mobile World Congress and an extra — 6 months of free edge infrastructure access
  • Ability to help influence the roadmap for future developer edge services
  • Networking opportunities with other leading edge application developers

Thanks to low latency, edge compute is the enabler for us to offer the users of our Edge Realities AR spacial mapping and positional platform a flawless experience and the highest precision. It allows us to quickly and seamlessly scale our business across the globe.

Justyna Janicka
1000 Realities

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*Access begins following a discovery process, onboarding, and testing. Edge infrastructure will be available soon in additional regions.