With the continual rise of mobile devices and data consumption, shouldn’t the mobile networks be doing more than just connectivity?

It’s time to change the status quo. Let’s build edge together.


Edge requires a new way of thinking around collaboration. By leveraging shared assets and new technologies, we will create the next generation of connected experiences.


Business opportunities for the industry

We believe that edge enables a better possible tomorrow for everybody. For devices: It becomes easier to take advantage of the mobile network. For mobile networks: Take part, add value and manage scale beyond connectivity without asking for a tax that never works. For cloud: Take advantage of the existing locations in a scalable manner that sit in the mobile networks today. For developers: Quickly develop client-side experiences through easy-to-consume edge services where deployment is not a consideration, it's taken care of by the system. And for technology suppliers: Blueprint ways of doing business that will drive the faster infrastructure modernizations growth, more predictability and better business.

An edge ecosystem

Inside the edge-cloud we are building, there are the devices and applications that move from smartphones to glasses to robots to cars to drones. Then there is a marketplace of edge developer services that power the applications and devices. Underneath there is a distributed edge control fabric that allows efficient placement in real-time. And finally there are the unique edge resources and data that power this system as the fundamental ingredients.