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MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform integrates Intel’s latest 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors to bring built-in AI, crypto acceleration and advanced security capabilities for mobile edge infrastructure, services and applications.

Our partnership helps mobile network operators to improve hardware performance, lower TCO, and power flexible portability for highly optimized multi-cloud environments. 

This enables scalable use case deployments for AI, video analytics, and cloud-native network functions.

MobiledgeX integration of 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors provides mobile network operators with:

  • Flexibility to deploy federated edge clouds based on their own edge cloud resources, public cloud instances, or any combination, optimizing use of owned infrastructure with unlimited scalability.

  • Control for cohesive, unified oversight and management over aggregated edge resources, applications, and workloads, without integration challenges across infrastructure providers.

  • Profitability of new revenue streams to harness and monetize access to network services available at the network edge. Mobile network operators can participate across the entire edge computing value chain instead of just providing bandwidth.

To experience or learn more about MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud integration request an executive briefing or a technical demonstration at [email protected].

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