Partner NVIDIA

NVIDIA + MobiledgeX logos

NVIDIA and MobiledgeX are working together to give application developers the tools they need to run their applications with enhanced performance at the telco edge while leveraging NVIDIA GPUs and vGPU technology for scalability.

GPUs are essential for many edge applications ranging from use cases that generate large amounts of data from IoT devices, specifically video cameras, to compute offloading workloads like remote rendering and CloudXR. By using the telco network edge for bandwidth thinning for instance, apps can process data closer to where their users and IoT sensors are, and thus experience lower latency for real time events and higher performance due to less network data loss.

Part of our joint work together focuses on enabling NVIDIA Metropolis applications to easily onboard their workloads to the telco edge, which enables several commercial use cases that operators around the world can start taking advantage of today.

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