MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud

Simplifies the deployment of enterprise and operator resources and applications with specific focus on enabling the deployment of mission-critical enterprise applications at the edge

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Product development and market success are built on the foundational principles of control, choice and trust

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud R2.0 aggregates edge processing power across multiple enterprise on-premise and telecom operator network locations and presents them through one common interface that enterprise developers and operations can use to design, deploy and manage their applications. 

As mobility increases, the core of the platform is the Distributed Matching Engine (DME) that dynamically deploys cloud application components to the most optimal execution location (cloudlet) to fulfill the business intent of the application. Leveraging the device side SDK and declarative deployment policies optimizes performance for the application owner and utilization for the cloudlet owner.

Independent Software Vendors

Faster time to market/revenue with local execution and global distribution

Cloudlet Operating Partners

Accelerated monetization of existing edge investments with maximized yield

Application Developers

Cloud-native development with simple (policy-based), scalable deployment

The Foundations of Edge-Cloud


Policy Based Deployment & Management

Edge requires dynamic deployment to 1000’s of sites versus the cloud’s 10’s, with limited resources. Automated deployment based on performance, business, regulatory and operational policies is required.

Automation Everywhere

Success requires that the entire platform is designed for automation.

Traceable Execution

Known location and topography with clear, real-time experience and business analytics.


Any Infrastructure

Independence from IAAS or on-premise infrastructure vendors, enables multi-provider utilization and to avoid platform lock-in.

Any Device

Simple libraries via application SDK or native device support enables device-driven, DME-powered, dynamic backend deployment.

Any Cloud

Applications will be created in the cloud, and then move to the edge for performance and scale. Use of cloud standard packaging enables use of existing tool chains and avoids fragmentation of customer execution options.


Local Presence, Known Locations

De-risk global execution often with local trust by using location-based operating partners with legal and regulatory presence.

Federated Control & Data

A federated control and data architecture enables one marketplace isolated from proprietary control and lock-in from any entity building on long-standing telecom learning and practices.

Business Acceleration

ISVs and service developers get aggregated and automated distribution to global markets. Cloudlet operators get access to valuable applications wanting to leverage specific locations, assets, and capabilities. Clouds get access to aggregated, compatible, trusted edge distribution opportunities rather than integration with multiple incompatible providers.

Autonomous, Policy-Driven Features

Unified Self-Service Console

Developers can autonomously manage their software deployment across all operator’s distributed edge infrastructure—one agreement, one management plane.

Support for Enterprise-Class Applications

Support for more complex, (e.g., multi-tier or GPU dependent) applications as well as simple, single container workloads, including Docker compose and Kubernetes Helm manifests.

Distributed Matching Engine

Automatically optimizes backend location, taking into account deployment, regulatory and operator business and operational policies.

Orchestration and Application Deployment

Independent from underlying infrastructure for multi-cloud, multi-vendor and multi-access homogeneity.

Declarative Autonomous Deployment

Application containers and VMs, zero-touch management of configuration, security, load balancing and scale based on demand-side client load.

Support for Hybrid On-Premises/Telco Edge Deployments

Flexible application architecture enabling combination of proprietary and cloud and Telco hosted elements including the use of Cloud or Telco edge as backup for Premises elements.

MobiledgeX aggregates enterprise and operator operator infrastructure on a global scale, harmonizes use, and exposes exciting new edge functionality. Standard tech you love, with new functions and features available at the edge.

Application Intent-Driven

Providing real-time, video-based experiences to fans is all about low latency. The distributed cloudlets powering Edge-Cloud R2.0 allow us to process video streams as close to end-users as possible, resulting in ultra-low latency rates.

Smart Mobile Labs

With the power of the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud R2.0 platform and partnership, we bring mobile multiplayer gaming to the next level by creating THE one-stop shop for multiplayer session hosting with unparalleled user experience and low latency.

Gameye Inc.

The ease of management is pivotal for rapidly-growing projects, giving our clients a way to quickly iterate towards successful implementations of AR and Voice-centric apps, driven by Edge & 5G.


We can easily deploy our backend to instances anywhere in the world with a friendly control panel and all we need is to link the mobile clients to the relevant url.


Application Mobility in Production

We’re operating the world’s first public edge with customers running in production on our network of cloudlets. Experience the benefits of application mobility and edge services.

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We are building a trust-first world. Come join the journey!

Sunay TripathiCTO, EVP Product & Engineering, MobiledgeX

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