Powering the Telco Edge

Meet the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Platform

MobiledgeX offers an infrastructure agnostic multi-cloud solution for telco operators that allows them to transform, manage, and monetize edge network infrastructure. The MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform helps simplify deployment, management and analytics for developers and enterprises that rely on trusted in-network services that include location, latency, privacy compliance and data residency.

Benefits of the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Platform

Using the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform, telco operators can utilize their own telco network edge infrastructure to create — and monetize — their own edge clouds. These edge clouds can then be used for internal operator workloads, or leveraged by developers to run their applications on telco edge infrastructure.

Here’s how the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform can help telco operators and app developers.

Laptop showing MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud console

For Developers

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Unified Console

Autonomously manage software deployment across the distributed edge infrastructure from multiple operators, all using one management plane.

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MobiledgeX SDK

Automatically connect to the optimal deployed application instance while providing enriched client and server analytics.

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MobiledgeX Services

MobiledgeX Services are tested solutions developed by our applications team and trusted partners that we offer to quickly get started building edge computing applications. MobiledgeX open source services like Edge Multiplay and Edge Computervision help solve common edge use cases.

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Mobiledgex Developer Community

The MobiledgeX developer community is designed as an online hub to help support and promote collaboration among edge computing developers from around the world.

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For Operators

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Platform

Allows telco operators to host their network edge infrastructure and offer it to developers, complete with unified management and visibility controls.

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MobiledgeX Cloudlet Manager Plugin

Provides independence from underlying infrastructure for multi-cloud, multi-vendor, and multi-access homogeneity.

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MobiledgeX Private Edge

Flexible architecture that enables segmentation of private cloudlets from public cloudlets by setting up cloudlet pools.

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Want to learn how MobiledgeX can help you build the telco edge cloud?

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Ready to deploy your application onto the telco edge cloud?

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Want to learn how MobiledgeX can help you build the telco edge cloud?

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Diagram of MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud architecture

MobiledgeX aggregates enterprise and operator infrastructure on a global scale, harmonizing use, and exposing exciting new edge functionality

Use Cases

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud in Action

We’re operating the world’s first public edge with customers running in production on our network of cloudlets. Experience the benefits our edge services can bring to your mobile applications.

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Success Stories

Providing real-time, video-based experiences to fans is all about low latency. The distributed cloudlets powering Edge-Cloud R2.0 allow us to process video streams as close to end-users as possible, resulting in ultra-low latency rates.

Smart Mobile Labs

The Telco Edge Cloud is here, and MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud software gives operators the freedom to build and manage their own edge clouds and work with hyperscalers on their own terms.

Dr. Alex Choi, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Technology Innovation at Deutsche Telekom

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud delivers on its promises, as always. The latest MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud SDK gives us a reliable and stable connection, and is easy to integrate. For the next generation of mobile gaming, and especially Multiplayer Shared AR, this is a winning technology.

Tom Minich, CEO, forwARdgame

The ease of management is pivotal for rapidly-growing projects, giving our clients a way to quickly iterate towards successful implementations of AR and Voice-centric apps, driven by Edge & 5G.