Architecting Application Mobility

Our SDK, API and Distributed Matching Engine (DME) dynamically places application backends as close to requesting mobile applications as possible.

Graphic representing Architecting Application Mobility

A MobiledgeX application incorporates the MobiledgeX SDK. When the application is activated it uses the cellular data link to register with our Edge Services. The Edge Services in turn use the Distributed Matching Engine (DME) to select an existing instance of the back-end application that is already provisioned or to initiate the provisioning of a new instance (the DME uses a declarative specification of optimal location provided as part of the application. It also matches the resource needs of the application with available cloudlet infrastructure capabilities.

For example, if a video transcoding application declares a requirement for GPU then the back-end is dispatched in a cloudlet that meets this requirement). The MobiledgeX Edge Cloud Controller manages the global Cloudlet resources. It is able to discover current mobile operator resources and then communicates with a specific Cloudlet Resource Manager to provision and manage application resources on that Cloudlet.

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