From the Cloud to the Edge: How MobiledgeX is Creating the Telco Edge Cloud

Cloud computing has brought about a revolution in how computing resources are provided and consumed. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft — sometimes referred to as hyperscalers — provide storage and computing services from their own data centers. For most use cases that model works well, an approach that makes services like streaming video from Netflix and global social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter possible.

One drawback to that approach is that data needs to travel from the data center to the place it’s being used, introducing delays as the data bounces back and forth in the internet between that remote data center and the location the data is being used. One solution to reduce that delay is to bring the computing resources closer to where they’re needed, which is what edge computing tries to accomplish. If you’re using a mobile device, your path to cloud services will often go through a phone operator like T-Mobile or Deutsche Telekom. By putting computing resources at infrastructure operated by telco providers, you can minimize that response time and improve performance.

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud Platform: Powering the Telco Edge

The MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform helps telco operators build their own edge clouds and generate new revenue while giving developers a platform to run their apps on telco edge infrastructure. The MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform conceptually sits between aggregated telco operator infrastructure and the end users and devices. We create an abstraction layer that provides access to resources and integration with many mobile operators. Our abstraction provides homogenized, developer-friendly access to those resources and operate in a cloud-like fashion that enables on-demand access.

The MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform powers seamless private and public edge cloud integration to allow developers to deploy location-specific services. With more than 100 application developer applications already using MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud, MobiledgeX continues to add key enterprise capabilities, addressing the emerging needs of enterprises that are deploying edge-enabled cloud applications.

“Unlike cloud execution, which is designed to appear infinite and ‘somewhere else,’ edge execution is location-specific, finite in terms of per location resources, and requiring a multi-vendor, multi-cloud, multi-access solution. The MobiledgeX Edge Cloud platform’s design is based on maximizing control, choice, and trust from the perspective of all participants: the application owner, the business customer and the infrastructure operator,” said Sunay Tripathi, CTO, EVP Product & Engineering, MobiledgeX.

The MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform aggregates edge processing power across multiple enterprise on-premise and telecom network locations, and presents them through one common interface that application developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) use to design, deploy and manage their applications. It enables businesses to manage their digital operation seamlessly across distributed locations independent of underlying network ownership or systems. Any containerized applications developed in a public cloud that has low latency, offload, location or data ownership requirements can take advantage of the Edge-Cloud console to onboard and deploy seamlessly to either and/or both public and private edge locations.

To support the rapidly developing enterprise and telecom edge market, MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud includes the following key capabilities:

  • Console for management, operation, and understanding of edge operations
  • Distributed public (operator, cloud) and private (enterprise) infrastructure onboarding, monitoring, and management, supporting heterogeneous operation through a single pane of glass
  • Declarative policy-driven deployments allowing ISV applications to be deployed to both public and private enterprise/regions, with seamless failover to enable high availability
  • Security and privacy-centric deployments to provide the ability to execute policy controls in application data at specified location(s)

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