Certified, Integrated Application Solutions

Working with World-Wide Technology (WWT) and other partners, we have created complete application solutions that are certified as MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud R2.0 compatible, integrated and lab tested, and then manufactured and shipped to enterprise customers.

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Edge Performance Enhancement

STRATACACHE is a global marketing technology and solutions vendor. Their mature and comprehensive SuperLumin accelerated content delivery solution provides fast, efficient, scalable global distribution of content, complemented by content control caching technology for the optimization of dynamic content and is already used broadly in diverse retail solutions. SuperLumin has been tailored to provide these benefits as edge services and accelerate data-rich edge applications.

IoT, Data-Filtering and AI

QiO offers an edge oriented, Industrial IoT platform that simplifies device or instrument data acquisition, analysis, and AI infused applications. QiO IIoT platform includes off-the-shelf Foresight Energy and Foresight Maintenance applications brought to the edge, guided by QiO’s proven 5-Point Digital Transformation Plan.

Vehicle-Safety Enablement

Sfara is a leading developer of vehicle safety and autonomous operation augmentation solutions based on its patented use of modern smartphones as an advanced sensor platform. Working with Deutsche Telekom (DT), using MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud R2.0, Sfara has edge-enabled for the DT German infrastructure, simplifying and accelerating the ability of automobile vendors (including BMW and MBz) to use Sfara technology in customer applications. This solution makes it easy for other operators and regions to similarly enable their infrastructure.

Experience Assurance

Accedian is a leading supplier of network performance and user experience instrumentation, and of end-to-end performance assurance and optimization solutions. Accedian has leveraged MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud R2.0 to make these technologies available for use within WWT lab-tested and integrated edge application solutions.

Vehicle Automation

Savari builds software and hardware sensor solutions for automotive car manufacturers and smart infrastructure, with the vision of making transportation predictive, safer and more efficient. Savari leads the industry in V2X technology -- radio technology and software-implemented protocols. Savari has leveraged MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud 2.0 to connect vehicles to the edge of the mobile network and integrate with cellular transport.

Application Coordination

Solace is a leading provider of the event synchronization software infrastructure that is used to control and coordinate complex, distributed applications, and provides important functionality for many streaming IoT applications. Solace has leveraged MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud 2.0 to extend its PubSub+ event infrastructure to the edge so that edge application components can use it and to enable emerging edge IoT applications.

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