ISVs: Validate your Edge Service and Reach More Customers

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MobiledgeX and WWT invite ISVs to explore their Converged Edge Platform Lab

Working together WWT, a global technology solutions provider, and MobiledgeX have built a Converged Edge Platform that helps ISVs building Edge Native Services: 

  • Validate their solutions across varied cloud stack “blueprints”

  • Reach enterprise customers, and the operator channels selling to them, seeking validated Edge Native Services for a variety of use cases (e.g. XR/VR gaming, autonomous robots and vehicles, Industry 4.0, Healthcare, Retail, Security and Video Analytics)

MobiledgeX and WWT are granting early access to the Converged Edge Platform and associated Ecosystem Program to a select group of innovative ISVs.

Benefits Include

Free exploration of edge datacenter “blueprint” configurations

Try out MobiledgeX cloudlets deployed on a variety of WWT hosted HW (e.g. Intel and NVIDIA GPU based servers), HW virtualization (e.g Dell-VMware) and multi-cloud container management (e.g. Google Anthos) options

Validation of workload transit across edge clouds

See how MobiledgeX enables seamless transit of your edge service “backend” workloads across varied underlying cloud stacks while maintaining consistent user Quality of Experience (QoE)

Expanded Enterprise Vertical Reach for ISVs

Increased opportunities via WWT’s extensive enterprise sales organization

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*Access begins following a discovery process, onboarding, and testing. Edge infrastructure will be available soon in additional regions.