Edge Services

“Edge Native Solutions” are those applications that, due to latency and mobile device computing constraints, cannot exist without backends located in an operator’s network embedded cloud. These Edge Native Solutions may be for external use cases (e.g. AR/VR gaming, Industry 4.0, Vehicle to Everything, Computer Vision)  or the operator’s own 5G Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF). “Edge Services” are edge cloud and network services required to build Edge Native Solutions.

The MobiledgeX platform for operators exposes Edge Services APIs that are required by developers building Edge Native Solutions. Operators can generate new revenue streams by selling the following MobiledgeX enabled Edge Services to developers/ISVs:

Edge Cloud Services

VM as a Service

Managed VM environment “cloudlet” 

Docker as a Service

Managed Docker environment “cloudlet”

Kubernetes as a Service

Managed Kubernetes environment “cloudlet”

GPU as a Service

Managed GPU equipped “Cloudlets” 

Load Balancer as a Service

Managed LB for distributing traffic within cloudlet

Terminal Access

Terminal for VM/K8/Docker lifecycle management operations

AI/ML use case enablement

Edge/Cloud Data Pipeline

Multiple edge located AI/ML servers can share centralized training data store

Network Services

Location Based Services

APIs for 5G network supplied device position (planned for 2022)

5G network QoS

APIs for setting application data priority level on 5G network (planned for 2022)

Client SDK

Client SDK: “Find Cloudlet” Service

App client is pointed to closest “cloudlet” with desired instance

Client SDK: “Edge Events”

Bi-directional event stream for client & backend state changes

DevOps Automation Services

Automated Deployment Policies

Automated app deployment per developer defined policies

Automated Scale Policies

Automated scaling of K8 worker nodes per developer defined policies

CI/CD as a Service (Edge Box)

Developer laptop functions as a cloudlet for test & CI/CD 

Command Line Interface (mcctl)

CLI option for deployment, make/build, CI/CD tasks

Deployment Monitoring & Analytics

Utilization Monitoring

Resource utilization (e.g. vCPU, RAM, DISK, NET) by instance

Edge Events Monitoring

View application latency statistics by instance/location/network type

Usage Logs & Events

Logs for audit/usage/events are collected

Health Checks

Load Balancer and instance are tested to ensure they are servicing requests as expected

Edge & Cloud Data Pipeline Services

Utilities for ETL and analysis of app & cluster performance data