Finally solving application mobility

Allowing edge services to be as mobile as devices

Why application mobility is the answer

The shorter the network connection, the better the network performance. Moving application components nearer to the user or device improves the interaction with the device and enables more usable applications.

There is also a large and growing set of applications that require close deployment to the users, to enable the use of local context and collaboration among the users, for example, starting with multi-user video games, advanced AR and VR experiences, and autonomous system operation (e.g. drones).

How do we solve for application mobility?

MobiledgeX is bringing the cloud closer to the device and creating an edge ecosystem in which everyone wins.

Global cellular infrastructure allows us to use our devices anywhere, even when traveling to foreign countries. MobiledgeX does the same for on-demand applications that support smartphones and other cellular connected devices. When the application is activated we quickly deploy components to server resources at the edge of the mobile network, near to the user or device.

Graphic representing Edge-Cloud R1.0

Edge-Cloud R1.0

Edge-Cloud R1.0 is powering the world’s first mobile edge network deployment, live in Germany.

Graphic representing Cloudlets


Cloudlets are modern, virtualized (container) infrastructure that provides standardization, resource allocation and security to operators and developers.

Graphic representing Architecture


Our SDK, API and Distributed Matching Engine (DME) dynamically places application backends as close to requesting mobile applications as possible.

Graphic representing NFV


We designed MobiledgeX Cloudlets to work with mobile operators’ Network Functions Virtualization infrastructure from the start.

Diagram of the MobiledgeX ecosystem: Easy, Neutral, Private, and Seamless

MobiledgeX aggregates mobile operator infrastructure on a global scale, harmonizes use, and exposes exciting new edge functionality. Standard tech you love, with new functions and features available at the edge.

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Application Mobility in Production

We’re operating the world’s first public edge with customers running in production on our network of cloudlets. Experience the benefits of application mobility and edge services.

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