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Global, privacy-first, trusted workload orchestration that is user & location aware

Location and User/Device-Aware

MobiledgeX securely utilizes independently authenticated identity and physical location through the cellular control plane, providing operational assurance services to applications while maintaining user privacy.


Industries, countries and regions are developing policy frameworks. MobiledgeX uses a federated control plane that allows data containment both architecturally and geographically, ensuring secure, appropriate and provable data containment at all deployment levels.

Trusted Workloads, Policy-Driven

Trusted devices, users, location and applications provide planet-sized, safe execution to meet demanding business requirements at scale.

MobiledgeX works on ‘User/Device Pull Deployment’ employing an orchestration system designed to run at planetary-scale and based on declarative business policies.


Your cloud application workflow and operational models stay the same, but have more possibilities. Distribution is a natural result of edge availability and operational efficacy is maintained through a single pane of glass, collapsing massive scale distribution into one view.

We are building a trust-first world. Come join the journey!

Sunay Tripathi
CTO & EVP of Engineering & Product, MobiledgeX

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Graphic representing Edge-Cloud R1.0

Edge-Cloud R1.0

Edge-Cloud R1.0 is powering the world’s first mobile edge network deployment, live in Germany.

Graphic representing Cloudlets


Cloudlets are modern, virtualized (container) infrastructure that provides standardization, resource allocation and security to operators and developers.

Graphic representing Architecture


Our SDK, API and Distributed Matching Engine (DME) dynamically places application backends as close to requesting mobile applications as possible.

Diagram of the MobiledgeX ecosystem: Easy, Neutral, Private, and Seamless

MobiledgeX aggregates mobile operator infrastructure on a global scale, harmonizes use, and exposes exciting new edge functionality. Standard tech you love, with new functions and features available at the edge.

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Application Mobility in Production

We’re operating the world’s first public edge with customers running in production on our network of cloudlets. Experience the benefits of application mobility and edge services.

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