Husarion: Solving for Low Latency Autonomous Robotics

Husarion is a Polish company that is developing software to help build robot systems.


Cooperating robots or autonomous system need to communicate using as low-latency data transport as is cost-effectively available.


Husarion has developed Husarnet, a means of building a virtual LAN that directly connects a set of robots and autonomous systems with lower latency and greater security than is possible using a “hub and spoke” network from a cloud server, through the Internet.

Husarnet uses a server application that enables a client device to securely discover the IP addresses of the other devices in the virtual LAN, and to establish a secure, direct, encrypted (peer-to-peer) connection with the other devices. Through these actions, communications no longer have to transit the Internet to a cloud server, but instead go directly to the destination device. At setup, the Husarnet server also optimizes the direct, peer-to-peer link, to the degree that Internet access choices exist for the device. This kind of virtual, secure, overlay network has been done before in various Internet applications (e.g., secure supply-chain communications management) but this is one of the first examples in the IoT systems business.

Working with MobiledgeX, Husarnet does the same thing for devices connected on cellular links, replacing cloud coordination with direct links mediated through software running on a MobiledgeX cloudlet.  The fact that robot and autonomous device communications is often highly latency sensitive makes the value of the Husarnet/MobiledgeX solution obvious.

Husarion envisions a future where there can be a marketplace for micro-services that are available on a virtual LAN that can be used to augment and simplify robot systems, including micro-services that Husarion will develop as additional revenue sources.

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