SenseGlove: Making The Digital Feel Real

Company Description

SenseGlove is a Dutch company that manufactures a glove that enables users to control and feel virtual environments using their own hands.


Users are looking for more interactive ways to engage in their virtual worlds beyond 2D touch and tap screens, especially as 3D virtual reality worlds become more realistic.  


SenseGlove solves the physical feedback loop and delivers a solution with MobiledgeX. SenseGlove views virtual and augmented reality as enablers for real world applications. Their belief is that providing interactions with objects and persons equal to those in the real world is the only way to fully utilise the potential of VR and AR. That is why they are creating the SenseGlove. The SenseGlove provides the most natural interaction in virtual and augmented reality. With the Sense Glove, virtual objects are brought to life, you can feel, touch and interact with them as if they are real.

Weight and speed are the two most important aspects to recreating simulated interactions with the virtual world. Edge computing allows processing offload which is almost a necessity when looking at these new types of controllers and interactive devices. In order to maintain the illusion of a virtual reality, the strapped on devices need to be as light and agile as possible, maintain a lightning fast response time, and be able to compute the precise interactions with multiple virtual objects.

Edge compute delivers on both speed and compute for large virtual worlds where the user will come into contact with potentially complex objects or many objects. MobiledgeX enables SenseGlove to be lighter and cheaper while still enabling the responsiveness necessary to deliver on the end user experience promise.

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