Dimenco: Simulated Reality with None of the Bulk

Company Description

With origins in Royal Philips Electronics, Dimenco has been leading the spatial visualization market since 2010. Their mission is to push the boundaries of technological possibility to achieve the dream of Simulated Reality (SR) – one of the world’s biggest developments in 3D. Dimenco unites hardware, software and convenience to deliver rich, natural three-dimensional experiences – no wearables required.


Research, experimentation and use of VR and AR headsets over the last 30 years have demonstrated many provocative applications that are enabled if the user can interact with a 3D rendering of a design or a data set. Requiring the use of specialized headsets is expensive, physically constraining, and limits where the technologies can practically be deployed (e.g. in a retail situation).


Dimenco has built display systems that augment modern, large-screen displays with the Philips lenticular technology, that in conjunction with rapid display switching creates a 3D “holographic” image, a camera that can sense the position, movement, gesturing and gaze of the user, and adjust the display accordingly and enable the user to interact with virtual objects in the display, and haptic systems that provide “tactile” feedback based on this interaction (they have integrated the Ultrahaptics ultrasound technology in some demonstrations).  Use of these displays provide many of the 3D interaction benefits of VR or AR headsets without requiring of being constrained by the headset.

The usability of the Dimenco solution is performance sensitive because it requires high-performance video processing to track the user’s position, motion and gesturing and alignment of the virtual objects with the user. Dimenco has worked with Deutsche Telekom to demonstrate the use of their Simulated Reality system in a high-performance, low-latency 5G network with the software running on a MobiledgeX Cloudlet.

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