forwARdgame: Enabling multiplayer for AR immersive experiences

Company Overview

forwARdgame’s vision is to build “active mobile games” where Augmented Reality (AR) blurs the line between the real world and the digital world. This team was part of the 2019 DT Hubraum 5G program, created an AR game called SCOAAR, a larger-than-life version of air hockey, and a real time multiplayer basketball AR game for the DT basketball club.


Technology for creating games has advanced to the point where developers can focus on game design as opposed to having to worry about ray tracing, 3D environments and controller integration. Unfortunately, real-time game play is still hindered by wireless and compute limitations, especially as the number of concurrent players increases.  


forwARdgame worked with MobiledgeX to deliver a solution that enabled real time wireless game play for the SCOAAR game, which is a larger-than-life version of air hockey. The other solutions that forwARdgame deployed ran into issues with wireless stability when users were over six feet (1.8 meters) away from each other. This happens in large rooms and especially when players are outdoors, which is where forwARdgame really wants players to be. So in order to let the players run freely and really enjoy the game, the connectivity needs to be stable at any distance between the players.

Life-sized massive multiplayer gaming where players roam freely throughout a city has been a driving vision of forwARdgame. With MobiledgeX enabling location based servers, forwARdgame can reliably and dramatically scale the number of simultaneous players while ensuring smooth game-play without having to deal with other latency plagued methods. By creating Augmented Reality games that blur the line between the real world and the digital world, mundane activities like jogging, working out, or sitting on a park bench can become playgrounds that are interactive and fun.

forwARdgame was also part of the 2019 DT Hubraum 5G program and we had the pleasure of working with co-founders Tim Friedland and Tom Minich. Please reach out if you are interested in understanding this solution or bringing these games to your network. 

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