Holo-Light: Changing the Equation

Holo-Light is a German startup, founded in 2016, with seed funding, that is focussing on the development of core technologies to enable efficient AR and VR use for industrial applications. Holo-Light has been working to leverage MobiledgeX’s edge service to enable new industrial applications.

Specifically, Holo-Light using edge resources to bridge the functionality gap between the requirements of emerging industrial applications and the capabilities of attractive, cost-effective consumer AR/VR offerings. For example, Microsoft’s HaloLens has been cleared for use by the FDA in medical visualization applications, but assumes device capabilities (storage, processing power) that are well beyond the capabilities of modern consumer devices. The consumer devices are increasingly more usable (less intrusive) and functional (adapting smartphone technology advances for example) and benefit from the volume requirements of consumer markets.

The Problem

Consumer VR and AR devices are driven by various different and conflicting forces. An ideal device is cheap, powerful, attractive, light and with a long battery life. In the end, device capacity/power ends up conflicting the device being light and having a long battery life. From a consumer perspective the question is whether a device is powerful enough to run an attractive suite of applications and services. That leaves open the question of whether the device is powerful enough for exciting industrial applications (e.g., HaloLens in medicine). Often the answer is no, requiring the use of much more expensive and cumbersome “industrial” devices.

The Solution

Holo-Light is changing the equation by using intimately-connected (high bandwidth, low latency) edge computing (using MobiledgeX resources) to augment the capabilities of attractive consumer devices thereby increasing the solution footprint they are able to solve (the preprocessing of “CAD” models at the edge to reduce the requirements of the device to support more complex medical applications in the case of Microsoft Halo-Lens).

MobiledgeX believes that the Holo-Light solution is an important demonstration of the ability of intimately connected edge resources being able to change the equation between device capability and usability (weight and battery life) as well as to greatly expand the industrial problems that can be addressed by devices designed for consumer markets.

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