Immersive Edge-Enabled Sports Experiences

Company is a French company working at the leading edge of the adaptation of AR technology and systems to build hybrid systems for enhancing the experience of watching sporting events, focussing specifically on Soccer (“Football” outside of the US).


Professional sports teams realize that they need to work to improve the spectator experience in order to hold and grow the audience. Younger fans expect the incorporation of digital technology and increasingly a multi-screen experience, at the event and at home.


Immersiv has created virtual multi-screen displays with which an AR viewer can watch a TV screen of the game broadcast, surrounded by multiple adjunct screens that display (or overlay) various analytic and interpretive data, with the ability to select among them (for more detail) via gaze.

Immersiv has worked with MobiledgeX, through the Deutsche Telekom Hub:raum Innovation Center, to push analytic data forward to a cloudlet so that it can be incorporated with user’s physical reality in real time with full responsiveness to the user’s location and gaze.

Football fans would love to get closer to the action and this is where steps into the picture. With, fans anywhere in the stadium can see digital live stats overlays directly through their mobile phones.

MobiledgeX enables this technology with compute directly at the edge, as close as possible to the end user. Immsersiv is looking to revolutionize live sports in a brand new way with 3D information directly in front of viewer. Live game is visualized directly in the field of view and thanks to mixed reality, live stats are visualized in 3D on the coffee table with live tracking of the players, heatmaps, shot distribution and more.’s solution requires that latency between the phone and their server be 20 ms or less and this is delivered by MobiledgeX. Player location tracking and live digital overlay creation requires not only a large amount of compute, but also for that compute to be close to the viewer as the target device is mobile.

MobiledgeX has partnered with numerous carriers globally to deliver a compute platform in areas that may normally be serviced by current cloud compute providers. Working with MobiledgeX, Immersiv is able to deliver a user experience that provides users with a seamless digital overlay to their view of the sports arena. The fact that digital overlay is often highly latency sensitive makes the value of the solution obvious.

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