Interactor is a technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley creating new ways to build smart solutions using any device and service. 
Their product API AutoFlow is an UI-based action flow mechanism that enables complex backend solutions for both edge and cloud computing.

Market perception on “low-code” software platforms is that they can be powerful but difficult to use, while “no-code” platforms can be easy to use but offer limited capability.

API AutoFlow is unique in that it is a fully no-code and complete UI-based product while still being powerful and easy to use.
 Thanks to this solution, backend software development and integration become faster and easier through the latest no-code technology.

Key Features

  • Servers and endpoints (per number of available ports).

  • API integration (OAuth, TLS, OpenAPI, Encryption, etc).

  • No-code flow-based logic (>200 actions with coding).

  • Around 3,000 built-in connectors to popular SaaS services.

Some market use cases

  • Smart factory solution, edge hub, service orchestration, and data visualization.

  • Telecom network service automation and orchestration.

  • Financial network, E2E backend solution, blockchain based credit card transaction system, development/Integration/deployment.

  • Modernization of eCommerce backend platform on microservices architecture.

  • SaaS Offering, API Integration, orchestration, and automation.

  • API harmonization (for content delivery on wireless networks).


Advances in new technology segments such as smart cities and smart factories require intelligent and scalable solutions at the edge of the network to deliver strict latency and reliability demands.

These use cases often have massive connectivity requirements to support diverse mission critical services that are easy to create, integrate, scale, and expand fast at a lower cost.

Many companies are adopting the API First architecture to enhance the solution development and make the process more agile, although API service Integration is still difficult and costly.

All of this can result in:

  • Delayed time to market due to challenges in managing through the software development lifecycle.

  • Lost opportunities due to challenges in acquiring required skills and resources.

  • Not meeting market expectations for enabling custom behaviors based on user needs.


API AutoFlow is a "no-code" light-weight server-side backend platform made to develop, test, integrate and deploy solutions for multiple technology segments, on-premises, at the edge, or in the cloud.

Users can configure their solutions to:

  • Expose a set of APIs and services.

  • Integrate with other APIs and services.

  • Harmonize and transform various APIs and data structures.

API AutoFlow targets the latest technologies within 5G, edge computing, IoT, blockchain, AI/ML, smart cities, smart factories, enterprise application backend, and many more.
 The collaboration with the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform compliments Interactor offerings by enabling simple deployment and integration of any 3rd party solution within telecom operator's edge-cloud, and autonomously manage the solutions across the distributed edge infrastructure from multiple operators, to maximize the user experience, efficiency, and performance.
 API AutoFlow is a new approach to solution architecture that makes application backend development and deployment faster and easier through the latest no-code technology.

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