The Company

MondoDX is a technology and digital design lab that was born with the mission to promote digital culture as a vector for transformation and improvement in the realities of people and businesses. As our technical core, our expertise is in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and everything in between, and as our strategic vision and business model, we act as a Corporate Venture Lab, or a consultancy firm that works alongside our corporate clients in conceiving, developing and implementing digital solutions and products that accelerate their digital transformation journeys in segments like manufacturing, maintenance, retail, marketing, R&D and others.

The Problem

Today's industries invest more and more in state of the art machinery to speed up processes and produce more and better with less resources, but the key factor for achieving sustained results lies in the challenges of improving efficiency and assertiveness of the workforce, or reducing human error.

To this date, human errors are still responsible for 80% of losses in the production lines and 90% of all work-related accidents. At the same time, heavy and expensive machines that don't undergo proper inspections and regular preventive care can be the cause of unexpected downtime and catastrophic losses in revenue for corporations, which makes maintenance one of the most critical drivers in the value chain of any manufacturing operation, with MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) being one of the areas most suitable for solid improvements through automating processes and procedures. 

The Solution

MondoDX introduces its proprietary product Ndestry, a SaaS platform that brings tools and resources to fully digitize operations for the MRO sector, with automated checklists, remote assistance and augmented reality. It allows for knowledge to be easily gathered, organized, distributed and viewed by frontline workers, directly on the shop floor, empowering them through their day-to-day activities and decision making turnpoints. A robust cloud-based web platform with a software that is fast and easy to use during setup and data entry by managers, and a mobile tool that is friendly and intuitive for workers during the execution of their tasks.The adoption curve is super fast, with Augmented Reality playing a big role in turning highly technical and sometimes complex activities into simple and engaging interactions, with a gamified experience that increases attention and retention levels. Combining with streaming of video files and real time downloading/uploading of content between mobile apps and web control panels, Ndestry demands a stable, secure, low-latency and high-speed mobile connectivity that only MobiledgeX can provide.

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