QuarkXR is creating a cloud-native AR/VR development platform for 5G and the edge cloud. The low-latency compression and wireless transmission enables edge streaming and split-rendering solutions for VR and AR with 5G. QuarkXR is an open platform, designed for extensibility by 3rd party developers and easy integration into various enterprise use cases like training, remote work, architectural visualization, and more. QuarkXR is an ultra-fast, hardware-agnostic software solution for Cloud XR applications.

The QuarkXR framework enables developers to take advantage of edge computing and streaming. It allows easy integration at various stages of the streaming pipeline, including content, codecs, streaming protocols, new client devices, or XR accessories. The Quark Unity SDK enables integration of desktop streaming into any Unity app, and is designed for Remote work, productivity, and team collaboration. Control Room is a free app (downloadable from Oculus App Lab) which allows you to work on any project in VR by connecting to your desktop wirelessly. It is based on the Quark Unity SDK and will soon have MobiledgeX Edge Multiplay support for low latency multiplayer. Control Room aims to create a virtual office where you can collaborate with teammates or multitask using multiple screens using an Oculus Quest.

The Challenge

Current XR devices are caught in the triangle of cost, form factor, and image quality. Improving one dimension requires sacrifices in all others. This is slowing down the mass market adoption of XR technologies. 5G and edge computing will bring low-latency streaming to a mass market for the first time in history, and XR is one of the best use cases for low-latency, high-bandwidth streaming, especially in the enterprise.

The Solution

QuarkXR utilizes edge computing to address all three of the aforementioned problems—cost, form factor, and image quality. By moving most of the computation to the edge, we enable powerful (and simultaneously lightweight) mobile devices. This is enabled by our low-latency streaming technology, which includes optimized low-latency encoding / decoding and developer friendly APIs. By offloading rendering to the edge on a GPU with a low latency connection, QuarkXR is able to render at a high frame rate, which helps to mitigate  simulation sickness. QuarkXR relies on the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform to help accomplish this, specifically supported by  MobiledgeX Edge Multiplay, NVIDIA GPUs, and desktop virtual machines.

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