Sierraware: Virtualizing apps to eliminate security loopholes


Sierraware is a software company, founded in 2011, that has focused on developing virtualization technology for mobile devices. Sierraware has offices in Silicon Valley and India.


Sierraware offers a virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) solution. VMI virtualizes the Android operating system and hosts Android applications remotely. Mobile users can then access mobile applications remotely from iOS, Android, TVs, AR/VR, Windows Desktop, and even IoT devices. Sierraware addresses the dominant mobile application markets. Applications like games are highly dependent upon the quality (latency, bandwidth) of the network connections between the mobile device and the remote application.

                                <h2>Solution</h2><p><strong>By providing compute running on a <a href=MobiledgeX edge Cloudlet, Sierraware is able to greatly improve the application responsiveness for a user. When apps are hosted in normal hyper-scale cloud data center, it only offers compute capacities without any network and QoS guarantees. MobiledgeX edge Cloudlets are ideally suited for interactive applications like gaming, AR/VR and real-time applications.  Modern apps that address industrial machine-vision, gaming, and automotive applications rely heavily on low jitter, low latency, and assured connectivity. By developing for a virtual container environment, application developers are freed from the burden of having to account for varying network latency, jitter and unpredictable transient behavior.

With a virtualized and remote application solution, Sierraware provides a well rounded solution for corporate applications, both new and legacy. SierraVMI enables lower app development costs and ensures cross-platform support. Worrying about operating system versions or device compatibility is a thing of the past.

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