Texel: Immersive VR Experiences


Texel is developing a “white label” cloud-based platform that simplifies and enhances the delivery of immersive media in multiple forms (ultraHD mobile/TV, Volumetric Video, and 360 VR video).


Live sporting events are an obvious application for immersive media, Texel enables experiences such as zooming through a 12K feed on your mobile device, watching the action from any point in space through volumetric video, seamlessly swiping through an endless amount of synced camera feeds coming from the venue, being immersed in a 2x8K 360 VR video, jointly viewing an event with your online friends in sync, frame-accurate level, or being able to BYOB (Be your own Broadcaster), allowing curators to tell the story for their communities. Texel allows content owners to create superior experiences, based on existing media assets and workflows and current encoding platforms.

However, providing such a rich viewing experience requires real time management of immense files, live on global networks. This includes: constructing the right viewing stream for each connected viewer, taking into account the specific content and viewer's selected point of view and the constraints of their connection and viewing device; integrating and controlling various communications and delivery systems; enabling a coordinated viewing experience for a set of friends enjoying a joint experience from diverse locations.


Texel is delivering a cloud-based, white-labeled solution over its platform. Texel deconstructs and reconstructs the content, infers insights from it, and understand the particular user session context (behavior, network conditions and device limitations), all in real-time. With its diverse range of simultaneous inputs (broadcast media, volumetric video, VR 180/360, data/social channels), Texel is able to aggregate and synchronize the user's perceived media experience into a single coherent timeline so they can interact as if they were sharing the same physical space. Texel's architecture fits and compliments 5G and Mobile Edge Computing infrastructure and topologies. Texel leverages such infrastructure to provide an even better experience (1000x more data, 100x faster) while offloading compute/rendering power from TVs and mobile devices.

Texel is working to optimize the immersive viewing experience for wirelessly connected viewers, and working with MobiledgeX and Deutsche Telekom on how elements of the platform can be dynamically deployed to nearby Cloudlets in order to further optimize the viewer experience and delivery system efficiency and cost performance.

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